Simplicity rules — You can only change if everyone  immediately gets involved and really understands his or her role within that change. For this to happen you have to offer something realy simple ” Geert-Jan C de Steur MBA

Experience My father worked for Shell so I moved a lot in the past, from Curaçao to Switzerland to France to England and to the Netherlands. I had to deal with changing circumstances all the time and constantly reinvented myself in a different culture and language. Therefor sincere and lasting connections are my first nature.

Connect I now have more than 30 years of experience in the field of organizational change and improvement. Unfortunately I also experienced many poorly supervised programs and seen what this does to people. From the workfloor perspective most information and communication is still top-down and complexity rules. As a result, the workplace and the operational teams do not respond sufficiently to change and improvement. They are waiting and unable to take responsibility.

People My passion for people resulted in a simple, practical bottom-up and participative approach to organizational change and improvement. It is very simple and concerns the working environment and field of expertise of the employees.

Therefore all employees (including management) are able to connect instantly. Doing this, at the workfloor responsibilities become clear and teams can take concrete actions to solve bottlenecks. Professionals and managers only have to ensure regularity, discipline and enforcement!

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The name Drawbridge54 This was a provisional name. I flew up and down to Denmark every week for an assignment. I always parked my car under the Drawbridge54 sign, because that way I still got exercise twice a week. The name indicated exactly what we are doing, namely building the bridge between the operational teams and the management and ensuring that they understand each other so that change and improvement can be implemented more easily.

  • An urge for simplicity so that it can be understood by all employees and can therefore be used immediately without start-up problems.

  • A practical approach that brings together multiple disciplines (integral) (change; cutter; lean; agile; projectmngt; problem solving; etc).

  • The best balance between the hard and soft side so it may only be about something if it can also be executed!