End User Agreement

Version 2.0 | 12 januari 2021

This EUA enters into force, when End User has accepted this EUA. By using the Service, End User accepts this EUA. 

I. DrawBridge54 offers an approach consisting of DB54 Toolset, training, workshop facilitation & support;
II. with this approach, Organizations are able to simplify the execution of change;
III. the approach enables continuous connection between management and its operational teams, resulting in the acceleration of the execution of change;

IV. the DB54 Toolset is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service);
V. Organization will put the functionality of the Service at the disposal of End Users;
VI. DB54 wants to make sure that these End Users use the Service in accordance the purpose the subscriptions were acquired for, and wishes to, regulate the use of the Service with this EUA.

Artikel 1. Definitions
In the EUA several terms are used, in singular or plural form, that start with a capital letter and are defined as the words that are written in italic in this article.
1.1. Agreement: the agreement regarding the use of the Service between Organization and DB54.
1.2. DB54: The private limited liability company “Drawbridge54 B.V.”, trading under the trade name “Drawbridge54” and “DB54”, and any successor thereof.
1.3. DB54 Tool set: the online, web-based approach (consisting of seven (7) sprints per operational team).
1.4. EUA: this end user agreement.
1.5. End User: the natural person who uses the Service (you).
1.6. Organization: The organization which makes (portions of) the Service available to End User (e.g. because the End User works at the Organization).
1.7. Service: the functionality of DB54 Toolset which is delivered through the internet to Organization (Software as a Service, SaaS for short).

Artikel 2. Right to use the Service
2.1. End User is granted the right to use the Service, however this right is non-exclusive, nontransferrable and immediately revocable by DB54. Furthermore, this right is granted for one (1) simultaneous user, the End User, and under the conditions and restrictions as set out in this EUA.
2.2. End User may only use the Service for the purpose for which it has been made available by the Organization to the End User.
2.3. Unless allowed by law, or allowed by the Agreement, End User shall reverse engineer the Service. Including, yet not exclusively, circumvent (technical) protection.

Artikel 3. Effect and duration
3.1. The EUA becomes effective the day that it is been accepted by End User.
3.2. This EUA terminates when the Agreement between DB54 and Organization is terminated.
3.3. DB54 has the right to terminate the EUA with immediate effect, in case the End User breaches
one or more of its obligations outlined in this EUA.

Artikel 4. Liability
4.1. Liability of DB54 towards End Users for any form of damage is entirely excluded. However, DB54 may be liable towards Organization under the terms of the Agreement.

Artikel 5. Privacy
5.1. DB54 processes (personal) data of End User on behalf of the Organization, which uses this data for logging, user accounts, and security purposes. End User hereby states to have taken knowledge of this.
5.2. DB54 processes the personal data in accordance with its privacy policy.

Artikel 6. Other stipulations
6.1. This EUA is governed by the Laws of the Netherlands.
6.2. DB54 does not support End User directly regarding the use of the Service. For support the End User must contact the Organization